Participate. Investigate. Articulate. Legislate shared interests in local government.

As the largest, northernmost county in the State of California, Siskiyou County is well endowed with abundant natural and cultural resources. Our clean water, regal forests, alpine beauty, open space, and affordable real estate makes Siskiyou County genuinely poised for growth. Meanwhile, the increasing frequency and severity of wildfire and drought that has long characterized the region, require comprehensive planning and cohesive regional strategies to instill resilience in near and long-term economic redevelopment. 

Democracy is not a spectator sport, yet informed participation and productive deliberation of critical issues in local government is the exception, not the norm. I have been asserting public interest in democratic forums in Siskiyou County for more than 15 years. I have a solid track record navigating obstacles, and leveraging opportunities to harness the wealth of our resources in ways that meet needs, build skills, grow jobs, honors heritage and renews economic prosperity in the 21st century.

Building Grassroots Government in Siskiyou County 2020 - 2030    


Ways to Participate:

  • Attend council meetings, become informed, communicate your interests, vote with your $ and your pen.  
  • VOTE and encourage your friends and family to VOTE for strong, smart, fresh representation  2020 - 2030. This is especially important at local levels of government.
  • Endorse Angelina Cook for District 1 Siskiyou Supervisor 2024
  • Make a financial contribution 

With your support, I will strengthen:

  • Affordable housing 
  • Resilient forestry & fire safe communities
  • Family farming & local food systems
  • Outdoor recreation
  • Small business
  • Mental health & preventative healthcare
  • Renewable power & energy efficiency
  • Waste reduction & materials reuse
  • Micro industries that honor the natural & cultural heritage of Northern California.